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About Us


How it started

After years wandering the globe, Dave Carswell was fed up with telling the world how great Melbourne is…He wanted to show them. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and a sharp local perspective, Dave wanted to create a relaxed and friendly tour experience to allow the avid tourist or local to get to know Melbourne and appreciate its diverse and unique storied landscape in the company of a friend.

Melbourne By Foot was conceived in December 2009. The tours have been designed to not only highlight the sights of the city but to provide guests with an insight into everyday life and, most importantly, things to do in Melbourne.

We pride ourselves on our expert local knowledge and we are more than happy to tell you where to eat, drink, look and listen like a Melburnian. If you aren’t a local, then we want you to feel like one.

Our city has a unique urban environment and walking tours are the best way to explore. Looking for a Melbourne day tour? Let this be the first thing you do when you arrive in the city!

Our Vision

When launching Melbourne By Foot we expected to host first-time international visitors exclusively as our guests. While this has been the case to some degree, we are increasingly surprised by the number of local and regular visitors who are yearning to learn more about the city.

Melbourne is a vibrant metropolis that is constantly evolving and changing. The city is a myriad of hidden treasures and has a rich culture. We constantly hear our guests say things like “I’ve walked past here many times before and never seen this” and “I now feel a real connection with the city.”

Whether guests have come from a far-flung place or a short tram ride away, they all share one common desire: The thirst for knowledge and connection.

As enthusiastic travelers ourselves, our favourite memories have always been when engaging in local experiences. Having a local share with you a story, meal or game gives you a sense of community.

Let us share our vision of Melbourne with you.

three people posing in front of a painted wall