Cultural Walk



Described as a ‘comprehensive highlight of Melbourne’, this tour is a must for any visitor and local here in the city. We look at Melbourne’s past by learning about Aboriginal history, the settlement of Melbourne and early colonial life.


The tour is a highlight of the cultural aspects of modern-day Melbourne. We venture through Melbourne’s laneways and arcades, discovering street art, music & café culture as well as some opulent and sometimes controversial architecture. Sports, art projects and immigration history are also covered in the walk.​

This is not just a sightseeing tour, you will see the sights but gain insight on what made Melbourne the unique and diverse city it is today.


Tours generally commence at 1:00 pm with occasional variations.


The tour departs from outside the 7-11 convenience store within Federation Square. 

The 7-11 is located within Federation Square, next to the Time Out Cafe
Look out for your guide in a red ‘Melbourne By Foot’ shirt or carrying a Melbourne By Foot folder.


$50  per person (includes coffee break).


​The tour takes approximately 3 hours including a 20-minute refreshment break along the way.

Group Size

We run with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 people.

The average group size in the off-season is 4, and 7 in peak times.

Private Tour?:

Looking for a private tour? We can build a great experience for you, customising everything to suit your exact requirements. 


Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for all weather conditions. Melbourne is known to experience ‘all four seasons in one day’. If it looks sunny it will probably rain (and vice versa).
We endeavour to offer the tour in all weather.

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